About Us

Our Start

Left to Right: Johnna Lee, Chris Reyes, Queen Reveille, Ruben Delgado, Julie Munoz, Karla Alvarez

First-generation students are students who parent(s) have not earned a bachelor’s degree. The first-generation college student journey has unique challenges and obstacles, and continues even after graduation. Acknowledging this, our founders decided to create the First-Generation of Former Students Network to provide for the first-gen students and grads.

In November of 2023, our network was officially chartered as a constituent network by the Association of Former Students. Since then, we have been working hard to serve our fellow first-generation college grads and student from Aggieland.

How We Support

This is our first year of operations and we are currently working on implementing three core focuses to benefit the first-generation community within the Aggie network.

  • Workshops: Geared towards former students to give them guidance on how to navigate after-college life. Topics ranging from navigating the job market to personal budgeting will be covered to ensure that first-gen former students are set up for success.
  • Community: Our network will foster connections between first-gen former students through online & in-person based events. These will have a focus of developing real connections to strengthen the Aggie spirit.
  • Scholarships: The collective efforts of our members will ensure that our network will award scholarships to current first-gen students. Our network hopes to help our current first-gen students enjoy some of the key Aggie moments such as receiving their ring.